Geometry Of Things – Exhibition

Gian Maria Marcaccini‘s studio becomes an exhibition space for a weekend. Objects and furniture of the…

Open Studios At Studi 420

Saturday 12.12.2015 – h 6pm – 10pm. We’ll be happy to meet you and share good wine and music….

Making Of S.P.A.H.K.A.H.D.

Oil on canvas. Making of a self portrait as Hendrik Kerstens as his daughter. 2015.    

Making of Mimi

Oil on canvas. Making of a portrait of Mimi. 2014. Commissioned by Kathrin Ziegler….

Making of ‘Portrait Of Beth #2’

Work in progress. Chaorcal and acrylic on paper. 2015.

Color Party At i2M Factory

Thursday 18 2 2016 – from 6.30pm. Opening party at i2M Factory, Via Aosta 30…

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